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Bun in the oven

About 3 weeks ago, I whipped up a meal for The Husband’s parents and my parents. I got the recipe for Chicken with Tomatoes and Mushrooms on the Martha Stewart Food iPhone app.(she’s a genius) the recipe is simple and delicious-it gives the sense that the food has been slow cooking all afternoon and all the flavor marry together perfectly! I paired this recipe with some Polenta I whipped up with chicken broth and plenty of parmesean cheese. I got rave reviews from both sets of parents-my FIL claimed he LOVED the “mashed potatoes!” haha.
This is a great meal to entertain with-or to tell your family that you’re pregnant!!
You’ve gotta make it!!


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I’ve made a lot of recipes out of the Martha Stewart magazine Everyday Food. In fact I even bought the Everyday Food Cookbook, which is basically just a “best of” recipe compilation out of the magazines (Even though egg pasta is not in the book). So anyway it was Sibling Dish cooknight and my sister and I wanted to make something quick because we are natural procrastinators and had not planned anything. Plus I had spent most of my time since getting home from work messing with our bathroom faucet that just happened to be leaking – but that’s a whole other story that I would just a soon not mix in with a food story.

This pasta dish met our requirements, so we made our grocery list and got started. Here’s what you’ll need to feed 6. Two red bell peppers, 2 yellow bell peppers, 1 pound orecchiette pasta or any short pasta, olive oil, 1 pound sweet italian sausage, butter and parmesan cheese. Basically all you do is cut the 4 sides off the bell peppers and put them skin side up under the broiler. Once they char (20 minutes), take them out and put them in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap so they will steam (3-5 minutes). Then take them out of the bowl and use a paper towel to brush off the skin and thinly slice them into strips. After you slice them, throw them back in the bowl you steamed them in. Once you get that done, get your pasta going and then get some Olive Oil in a skillet and start cooking the sausage. When the sausage is done, throw the peppers into the sausage party and cook just until the peppers are heated up. Drain your pasta, but save some of the pasta water (1/2 cup) and then mix your sausage and pepper mixture into the pasta with some butter, parmesan and the pasta water. THAT’S IT! So easy a caveman could do it. The critics rated it well also – On a scale of 1-5:

Andi – 4

Brennan 3.75

Mike  (me) – 4

Christy – 4

Dave – 3 (ate the most)

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