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I’ve always enjoyed cooking. For me there’s a sense of relaxation in it. I like to watch people enjoy something you’ve created in the kitchen. I worked in the restaurant business for 7 years when I was younger. It was always in the front of the house waiting tables or bartending, but I enjoyed going back with the chefs at the end of my shifts to see what they could show me. Cookouts and nights hanging with friends cooking continued my love for food and education in the kitchen. Now I love to try new things and rarely make the same dish twice. Well, with the exception of “egg pasta” which is a staple at my house. Now I start this food journey with my favorite sister and our favorite critics (Andi, Bren, and Dave). We’ll see where writing down some of our favorite recipes takes us. I’d love to hear any comments or suggestions. Please sign up for updates to our little blog. Follow me on Twitter @ChefMikeW – Thanks!

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