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Tonight I finally got back to cooking after like a two week slump of sandwiches, frozen pizza, and eating out. I wanted to cook something that tasted homemade and was comforting especially after eating alot of food that was good…just not comforting.
I saw a recipe for twice baked potatoes on my Martha Stewart iPhone app. The recipe was actually a side dish but I decided to make it a meal by adding a few things. I browned a half pound of chicken in garlic and olive oil while I baked (actually microwave-WAY faster) the potatoes. I chopped the chicken up and scooped the middle if the potatoes out and added both to a large bowl. I also had a bag of that broccoli and cheese steamable veggies in the freezer and steamed those in the microwave and added that to the bowl. I also added shredded cheddar, garlic, S&P, cream cheese(was out of sour cream), a little mayo, and extra cheddar cheese. I mixed all of that up and them spooned the filling back into the potato skins and of course topped them with…..more cheese; put in Salk in the oven and baked for about 15-20 minutes.
I served the potatoes with salad to make it a meal. It was really good and easy! I also think you could make an endless variation of this idea-u could add so many different ingredients to make it tastes just the way u want it. It would also be a good way to hide extra veggies for kids!
I plan on trying this idea again-probably adding bacon in some way next time!!


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Tonite I will start out my post with a confession:I hardly ever use a grocery shopping list. It’s amazingly uneconomicical (is that a real word?) and causes me to walk up and down each and every aisle looking at each and every row of food, taking me a couple of hours to shop for groceries for two people. I secretly (not so secretly now) love this task. I have a very hard time buying things for myself but I can lay down at least $100 at the grocery store every week…easy. It’s weird and sick but I can’t help it.
One of the ridiculous things I do is walk around and try to think of different recipes just by looking around and deciding what looks good that day. So, this week I saw chicken, mushrooms,garlic,mozzarella cheese, and Alfredo sauce. This allllll lead to me deciding I should try to out do the Pizza Hut pasta bake that mike,Andi,Bren,The Husband, and I had recently.
I browned the chicken with some onion and lotsa,lotsa garlic, olive oil, sliced mushrooms and red pepper flakes. I added a about 1/2 jar of premade Alfredo sauce and…..more garlic and pepper. I let all of this simmer while I had bow tie pasta cooking and added then added the pasta to the chicken and sauce when it was just short of “al dente”. Then I put the whole mixture in a baking dish and covered it with mozzarella and baked it all in the oven for about 15 minutes.
It turned out to be hot, bubbly, spicy, cheesy, tasty little dish! It definitely had a more homemade taste than the Pizza Hut and was made spicy-just the way we like it!! This was a really easy recipe; actually made in about 30 minutes last night AFTER we had dinner-I just didn’t bake it until tonite after I got off work! Great meal to make ahead if you work late like me!!
I think you should all try your hand at some creativity at the grocery store. Take a couple of hours one of these days to walk down every aisle at walmart or crest or buy for less and be inspires to try something fun!!!

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This morning/noon; I woke up with a growling stomach (I don’t know how-after an AMAZING steak dinner last night) and I automatically took a mental inventory of my fridge and pantry and decided I needed to make a serious Saturday breakfast. In my fridge I had onion, bell pepper, shredded cheese,bacon,eggs,butter,milk,garlic and in the pantry some potatoes. I saw all this as Cheesy Bacon 3 egg omlettes and homestyle potatoes. I’ll admit-I’m not the best omlette maker; I heard that the perfect omletter actually does not have any brownness on it at all-mine are Always brown on the outside,I actually like it that way-but I don’t do it on purpose 😉 I sauteed the bell pepper,onion, and garlic in extra virgin olive oil first because I don’t really love raw onion or bell pepper on an omlette..and I added the garlic just bc I love garlic-even in eggs.
I mixed 3eggs for each omlette with sour cream,butter,milk,S&P,a little cheese and the sauteed onion/bell pepper/garlic mix. Dropped all that in my pan that was greased liberally. I let it cook til almost done and then dropped a big handfull of cheese and 3 strips of bacon each in the middle o the omlettes and kinda just flipped one side over. The potatoes were just cut into small pieces tossed with olive oil and Cajun seasoning salt some onion and bell pepper and slipped into the oven-I put it on a higher heat so they would get kinda crispy like they would if you fried them. By the time The husband was up-breakfast was done and he proclaimed that this breakfast was better than Jimmy’s Egg–his favorite! Ahhh,success. Good way to start the day!!

P.S. We love adding hot sauce to most everything…so we added it to the omelette when I was done!
P.p.s. I never know how to spell Potatoes bc when I was little and learning how….Dan Quail messed it all up for me. Sorrrrrry 😉

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